Heart of a survivor


Immersive sculpting & Drawing


I believe that the first killer apps of VR are creative tools. Immersive sculpting and modeling with programs like Quill, Medium, Tilt Brush, Gravity Paint (and others) points toward a future where embodied presence is the cornerstone of human-computer interfaces.





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Software / Skills

  • UX

  • Unity 3D - C#

  • 3D modeling - Maya

  • SideFx Houdini

  • Adobe Suite

  • basic JavaScript, HTML and CSS

  • Project Management - Canvas, Kanban, Agile

  • TV news production

  • Illustration


My name is Gabriel Brasil and since the release of Oculus DK1 in 2014, I've been working and exploring Virtual Reality as a tool to empower the “human” in human-computer interactions. Besides being a powerful storytelling tool, I see VR as a revolution in creative and productivity tools, allowing the full use of our human perception and embodiment together with the boundless horizons of computational space.

Before moving to New York, where I graduated at NYU's Interactive Telecommunications Program, I finished an MFA in Arts and Neurosciences at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. Alongside a team of scientists, I researched and developed new VR technologies to be used in cognitive and neuroscience research.

As well as a researcher and designer, I've worked as a TV news producer for 10 years, covering stories in Brazil for International news Agencies and shows, like ABC's Primetime and 20/20. is where I publish some of my latest works and experiments.

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