Day 18 - Delete your files VR! MIT Reality Virtually Demo

From 100 days VR Instagram page:

Bring your computer files to a vr environment and delete them by throwing out the window, blunt force, fire or pure rage.
Created at 
@realityvrhack MIT Hackathon with @mh.rahmani @mishashumi @lisalokshinaand Thomas Watson. #100daysitp#100daysitp2019 #virtualreality #vr #unity#realityvrhack #filemanagement #vive #mit#nyu

Day 35 - Embodied Creativity - Poetry and Ethics in VR presentation

Reality is where your body is...and it is everywhere.

Used Quill to give a presentation on presence, embodiment and art at the “Poetry and Ethics in VR” event. 
I recreated the venue and the amazing art by the host Eva Davidova to explain how your body is present even during the most abstract thought process. I believe VR is not a denial, but a rediscovery of the wisdom that comes from our material selves. 
This is a short version with original soundtrack.
The lecture took place February 8th, 2019.
Thanks to all the other amazing poets and creators and to Eva for this awesome night.

Day 33 - Metropolitan Avenue - Quill Animation

-Modeled and animated in Quill
On a late night in August 2018, I’ve met this guy playing his guitar. It was such a quintessential New York moment that I decided to record it as a token of my new life in this city. Now I recreated that moment inside VR using Quill. Again memories come to life while immersed in VR. 
I hope I meet the Guitarman again. The rat, I’m not so sure.

Day 29 - The house of the Nightly Drums

Back in Brazil, I’d often hear the drums echoing in the night. I hear no singing or drumming or chanting or praying coming from the New York night.
The spatial awareness of VR seems to reach directly to my memories.
Workings indoor and outdoor transitions as well as ambient lighting in Maya. Environment made in Houdini (though is too dark to see). #100daysitp #100daysvr #100days#100daysitp2019 #unity3d #africandrums #vr#virtualreality

Day 13 - Sun dance at Hockney forest

From Instagram account:

Checking the optimized Sun Dancer character inside Unity and VR. Missed being in VR after days looking at anachronistic screens, tabs and windows #praisethesun #100daysitp#unity3d #mediumvr #vr #virtualreality#vcvrack #maya #autodeskmaya #oculusrift

Day 8 - Bonfire Dance at Hockney Forest

Character modeled in Medium, textured in Substance Painter, Rigged in Maya, animated in MotionBuilder and built in Unity for SteamVR. Choreography recorded at NYU's Motion Capture studio. Dance performed by me. Soundtrack from

Artist: Gabriel Brasil

NYU ITP - 100 days of Making

Day 7 -Rendering in Substance Painter

Today I experimented with post production and rendered the character created on “Day 4 - The Valley” using Substance Painter. This made me more aware of the contrasts between working on a fully VR creative software like Medium and the traditional “flat” Substance Painter. As I get used to using natural motions and having depth perception in VR, the limitations of screens, tabs and buttons of a traditional interface becomes evident.

It seems that the creators of Substance Painter are experimenting with VR themselves.

Day 3 - Temple Grounds

Third day of 100 days of VR.

This time I wanted to explore creating a whole environment and not only a single object on an empty void. I also added my very own VCV Rack synth soundtrack! Incredible how you don’t have immersion without sound. It instantaneously gives depth and gravity to the environment.

I approached the creation of the scenario as if creating my own studio or atelier before working on the art piece itself, but when working in VR everything is part of the art piece. I wanted to see what I would create if I were immersed in this strange ruins. This is a fundamental difference between working while inside VR and traditional screen interfaces: My body is part of the creative object. I’m am inside it; my hands are moving it and when leaning my head I can reach different areas. It is less about finding buttons and following procedures, and more about learning…the choreography of it.

Day 1 - The Golden Man

Starting my 100 day exploration of immersive creative environments in VR. The goal is to document what it means to work as an artist while in VR and create an overarching narrative, characters and objects that might evoke the sense of wonder and mystery that I feel while wearing a Virtual Reality headset. One new piece a day.#100daysitp#dailyvr#oculusmedium#mediumvr#vr#vrmod

Done with Oculus Medium