Day 3 - Temple Grounds

Third day of 100 days of VR.

This time I wanted to explore creating a whole environment and not only a single object on an empty void. I also added my very own VCV Rack synth soundtrack! Incredible how you don’t have immersion without sound. It instantaneously gives depth and gravity to the environment.

I approached the creation of the scenario as if creating my own studio or atelier before working on the art piece itself, but when working in VR everything is part of the art piece. I wanted to see what I would create if I were immersed in this strange ruins. This is a fundamental difference between working while inside VR and traditional screen interfaces: My body is part of the creative object. I’m am inside it; my hands are moving it and when leaning my head I can reach different areas. It is less about finding buttons and following procedures, and more about learning…the choreography of it.