Software / Skills

  • UX

  • Unity 3D - C#

  • Maya

  • SideFx Houdini

  • Adobe Suite

  • basic JavaScript, HTML and CSS

  • Project Management - Canvas, Kanban, Agile

  • TV news production


My name is Gabriel Brasil, originally from Rio de Janeiro - Brazil. Recently won a scholarship for the NYU/Tish Interactive Telecommunications Program, where I'm currently doing my second master. 

I've been a journalist and producer for international news agencies for more than 10 years, but my urge to create made me shift my career to innovation and design. Went back to school, and, after finishing Graphic and Digital Design, I enrolled in my first master in Arts and Neurosciences. There I worked alongside neuroscientists to develop new tools for emotional and cognitive research using Virtual Reality.

Since then I've been experimenting, researching, consulting, teaching and giving talks about new media and technologies.

Currently living in New York.