3D Sound for Immersive Experiences

For my week 5 assignment, I had to create my own sounds using VCV Rack - an open source modular synth simulator.

I had a blast creating more than an hour of blip, bloops and other original sounds.

Snippets of the track were edited and mastered in Reaper to be turned into spatial sound objects for a future VR experience created with the Unreal Engine.

using vcv sounds in unreal - 3d audio spatialization.

Selected some of my favorite and more relevant sounds created in VCV Rack and added them to Unreal engine as 3D spatial sound objects.

The sound files were edited for “looping” and placed in areas around this environment I’ve built using basic template objects.

The goal was to create distinct transitions between areas with the help of careful placement of 3D sound.

For some of the effects I created sound cues - programmable sound objects. This allows for Unreal to change sound parameters in many ways. In this case a combined two different sound files and added a random filter and several different EQ modulators. This allowed for the creation of different sounds inside the “temple” area every time the user entered it. It almost works, since for now it only creates a few simple variations of the original sounds.

The next goal is to add some “head locked sounds”: ambient sound that covers the entire area, creating a more cohesive experience as well as amplifying the sense of being in an open, living world.