News Now - Current state of News in 2018

My presentation for Future Scenarios and Systems Thinking class. March 2018.

Each week, a couple of students present their research on current subjects that could shape our near future. This is part of a larger Scenario building exercise, where the class will create different (but plausible) descriptions of the future - more specifically the year 2025. The goal is not to tell how the future will be, but to exercise our creativity and foresight capability in a fast-changing world.

For my presentation, I researched the current state of News. While other presentations focused on the role of Social Media and Fake News in societies perception of reality (or lack of), News Now takes a closer look at traditional news media outlets like news agencies and broadcasters. The questions answered were: who covers the news, who broadcasts, and what's people opinion on journalism in a moment where trust in institutions seem to be crumbling.