Teaching Innovation, Technology and Design for Children


I take great joy in teaching technology, art, and design for kids and young adults, and have taken all opportunities to do so since 2015.

In 2015 I was invited to be a consultant for the Estacio Tunnel Lab, an innovation accelerator aimed at young students from a group of private universities. There I worked together with the team of *Favela Games*, a social venture aimed at teaching kids from the poor favelas of Rio de Janeiro how to make games and gain important technical and design skill valued by today's market. 

The project gained prizes and media attention, with our two main designers making appearances on national news and tv shows. 

After this experience, I was invited to teach in other schools, often 8th graders from lower-income households. From the end of 2016 to beginning 2017, I was hired as a teacher and consultant to one of Viva Rio's main innovation hub at the Cantagalo Favela in the heart of Rio de Janeiro. There I showed students how to make their own 360 videos; taught how to draw as a design tool; we've made music videos and games.

Favela Games Estacio.jpg

The students were also invited to visit the Neurosciences and Arts lab at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, where I concluded my first masters. There they could see the latest in virtual reality and have their first contact with a scientific organization and academic professionals.

Through my consultant company - Imaginaria - our team set up the "Makerzinhos" (Little Maker) stand at the high-end Jockey Club Summer camp exhibition. We used makey-makey boards, tin foil, and cardboard to create banana-operated games and piano stairs.

makerzinhos 2015 01.jpg
makerzinhos 2015 02.jpg
Viva Rio 2017 02.jpg