Immersive Listening - Assignment 01: Subway Guy

For the first assignment I had to create an immersive audio environment combining my own recordings with library assets. With everything in place, the whole thing should evoke a narrative of sorts.

Luckily, I’ve been working on 3D virtual illustration based on my documentation of a singer playing on the New York subway. I took a picture of it and also recorded him singing using my ZOOM H1n recorder.

Quill VR Illustration - August 2018

Quill VR Illustration - August 2018

Creating the Immersive Environment

The final sound environment is composed by 4 different audio tracks: The singer; the subway; steps and the birds.

The singer and the Subway were recorded by me in separate occasions. The steps and the birds were download from As I joined them inside Reaper (audio editing software), I tweeked levels and the timing in order to create a sequence of events. The goal is to tell a little surreal story, where the listener is transported from a walk down the subway station to a different realm through the music of a lonely, soulful singer.