Bodies in Motion - using Unreal - CyberJungle


First steps to the Cyber Jungle - getting to know the Unreal Engine.


The idea behind my first Unreal level was to recreate the moodboard I created last week. The theme I was looking for was “CyberJungle”, a more organic vision of the classic cyberpunk cyperspace, but instead of sharp lines and neon, I’d have trees AND neon.


Working the first time with Unreal was challenging. Although the interface has many similarities with other 3D development environment like Unity or Maya, I was constantly struggling with what seemed trivial tasks like changing and painting textures.

I used some free Assets from the Epic Marketplace, and my goal was to replace some of the textures and paint some neon detail on the landscape, but I just couldn’t pull it of. It is true that it was my first couple of hours on this very powerful software, but I was really looking forward adding some funky colors to the usual drab grimy game assets.

The goal now is to go back to the basic Unreal tutorials and review texture application.