Bodies in Motion - Getting my hands on a Motion Capture Studio for the first time!

My first opportunity to get my hands on a fully equipped motion capture studio!

Last Saturday, September 15, I had my first lab session on the Motion Capture studio located at NYU’s Magnet facility in Brooklyn. In order for everybody have a chance to learn how to get the equipment up and running, we were assigned into smaller groups with sessions throughout the day.

My group consisted of Yiyao Nie, Yu-Hsuan, Ella Chung, Yibing and me.

In less than one and a half hours, we all managed to setup all cameras; get the room properly tracked; configured and assigned rigid bodies sensors; linked the computer running Motive to Unreal and were able to stream data in real time from our sensors to objects inside the game engine.

I’ve made a video on how the whole thing worked out.

Personally, I can say that the whole thing was quite magical. Being able to manipulate digital objects with physical ones never cease to maze me. More so having a whole room capturing various sensors with no discernible lag.

I understand that the main use for such an expensive MOCAP studio is to record high quality motion data to be used later, but it allowed me to glimpse a more communal experience of a computer interface. The whole group could run, dance and play together, and the position of our sensors was translated to digital doubles of our actions. I wonder how a collective coding experience - harnessing motion capture with seamless Augmented Reality - would look like.

Maybe I’m starting to feel how Jaron Lanier felt when he first started to dabble in VR and Motion Capture in the early 80s.

Moodboard - CyberJungle

Part of our first assignment was to create a moodboard on Pinterest on the kind of environment I’d like to create inside UNREAL.

I came with the idea of a cyberspace - but not only it would have it’s cyberpunk 80’s vibe, but it would also be more organic than neon. I’m envisioning a living environment as rich as the Atlantic Forest from my hometown of Rio de Janeiro.