Live Performance - Tension of the Self

Teaser Promo for live performance using motion capture, live music and dance.

Created by: Gabriel Brasil (Concept and Choreography), Shuai Wang (Art Direction and Unreal Development), Shuting Jiang (Music and Unreal Development) and Terrick Gutierres (Production and Concept).

Part of the "Bodies in Motion" class - NYU IMA/ITP

instructors: Todd Bryant and Kat Sullivan

NYU Magnet, 8th floor

2 Metrotech Center - Brooklyn

As concept artist and choreography director, my role was to elaborate and implement an overarching aesthetic. All while taking into the consideration our experience using the motion capture studio.

Through this experience I became proficient in motion capture studio management, direction and data cleaning.

The studio located at NYU’s Magnet Brooklyn campus, included a 15 camera Optitrack system.

Early concepts based on the works of the renown choreographer Martha Graham.