Thesis- Mindscape Prototype 1

This is a prototype of my IdeaScape Thesis project: an immersive creative environment that combines 3D drawing, dance and music in order to generate new ideas and insights. It is not about making a final work of art, but more about what happens before the artist starts painting and the environment where creating takes place.

For this use case, the user is working on traditional Brazilian Carnaval costumes and culture. The hub environment is a simple masonry house like the one most Brazilians live. The walls have posters depicting carnaval costumes. These were taken by me when visiting the arts and crafts museum of Rio de Janeiro in 2017. Populating the room are 3D models that I created in other VR 3D modeling program. These are also “IdeaObjects”: Vessels where other objects, data, animation, images or entire worlds can be attached to. When one of the objects are activated, a dancing version of it shows up and music plays (unfortunately, not Brazilian drumming in this demo). Not only that, but this specific model activates an entire environment outside the house. This colorful space was also created by me inside Oculus Medium.

Now immersed in music and dance, I can also paint in 3D space while I activate further “IdeaObjects” that were contained in that original model. In this case, after generating three dancers another, bigger dancer shows up. They all dance and generate a cacophony of sound that should immerse the artist on the mood and ambiance assigned by the original Idea Object.

The goal of this interface is not being “efficient” in a traditional way of giving quick and easy access to data, but to be “efficient” in an inspiring way. It is a place for the mind of the user to wander. It is not about “getting things done quickly”, but making things that are meaningful.