what’s hypercarnaval?


Brazilian carnaval as the template for the future of immersive media



HyperCarnaval chronicles how I've found my artistic voice by creating a VR studio while having Carnaval as my inspiration. It started with the question "where does creativity happen" and "what makes for an inspiring environment" in VR and grew up naturally into a journey of self-discovery.

As I created the tools to immerse myself in my own creations, I've found parallels between the embodiment of VR and the roots of Carnaval culture.

hypercarnaval character deliciosa xote.jpg

HyperCarnaval is a Virtual Reality experience by Gabriel Brasil created in Unity. The user - or Partier - can populate magical environments with dancing characters inspired in Brazilian Carnaval.


It is an exploration of Carnaval as a creative interface that joins music, body, dance and fantasy.

The characters were created inside VR using Oculus Medium, then animated using motion captured dances inspired by different Brazilian rythms.


I see Carnaval as a social virtual environment that happens on specific moments where everybody can become avatars of their own creation. It is a hand-crafted reality shared by a community under the rhythm of drums and dance. The realization that I had a "Virtual Reality" system already embedded deep in my cultural identity was a revelation that is still growing on me; I've become the answer to my own question on the inspiring power of VR. By sharing this personal experience I look forward to inspiring an alternative vision for VR as a path toward self-discovery and empowered creativity. A shared virtual Carnaval party: a HyperCarnaval

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HyperCarnaval Character Deliciosa Dancing.jpg